Saturday, 17 February 2018


Saturday's Critters #218
I haven't ventured far into the forest. It's treacherous walking, with freeze and thaws, and hail yesterday.

I moved the bird feeders around. Dratted red squirrel was disappointed, but settled in and enjoyed this feeder.

I think the red-breasted nuthatch was chastizing me for taking photos!

The hairy is happy!

Happily, the goldfinch is showing a bit of yellow!
goldfinch from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Wannabe birdie, wanna fly up to the feeder!
Black squirrel from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Paint party Friday

I finally managed to haul out the sketch pad!

Paint Party Friday: Week 50, Year 7

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Hooper 'Trubl' Jilks

So, we had a freezer malfunction. I figured that if I cooked the smoked salmon it would be OK to eat. Someone else though so. It was a bagel with creme cheese and the salmon.
I convinced him, the water sprayer was shaken and he ducked. Then he stood up, and launched himself at the chair on my right, then took off.
AHA, I thought. He got the message.

I heard a noise, and there he was...

Hooper from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

It's difficult to believe it was this cold only a few days ago!
deer from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

We had ice rain!

The sidewalk is good, the driveway not so much. We anticipate some warm temperatures today, above zero, and sunshine. That will clear things up.
A yearling was skating along the driveway yesterday morning, slide like Bambi, and headed for the snow bank. There is a layer of ice on top of 29 cm of snow.
I wore my snazzy new boots, with the pics. Chipped away on the sidewalk. It melted in yesterday's sun.
I need to clean my lens, methinks!!!

Annie helped me take photos.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Deer and rabbit

There was so much snow on the big feeder, I tried to shake it off and the top fell off. Sigh. 
Junior Bear will be disappointed and/or surprised in the spring!
I don't know whether to trash it, or rebuild it!

I was tweeting with the goddaughter of our home's 2nd last homeowner (<2005) and it has to be, at least, 15 years old. The nails rusted in the upright supports.
It's stood the test of time really well. 
I cannot lift the roof, I put a new layer of shingles on it a couple of years ago, it's heavy. I dragged it over and put it under the tree, it was a good effort.

We've had lots of deer, and a rabbit on a regular basis. In the video, the deer didn't know what to make of the rabbit! This is out our kitchen window.
Deer and rabbit from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

We had ice rain yesterday. What a mess. I managed to clear off the sidewalk, but the driveway is a skating rink. Today, it is frigid.

Monday, 12 February 2018

New lamps!

My bedside reading lamp died, JB's is fine. These lamps belonged to my parents. They may have had them for many years, but, for sure, they put them in their new home in 1991, when they sold their Toronto house and moved to Bala. We shall never know! The lamps don't owe us anything.
I found the lamp in a photo. Mom and Dad, and their precious dog Sabre, in Bala. This was 2002, before they both got sick. Mom had cancer surgery in 2002. Dad had a brain tumour in 2003.
There is the old lamp on the table!
I took a photo of our bedroom wall, as I thought it would be useful if we ended up driving around seeking lamps...

Then,  I went online to figure out what I could do with our décor and realized that a wall mount lamp would give us more space on the top of the bedside table. 
This caught my fancy. It was available from an American company, but they have a .ca website. That is a good sign, what with TRUMP ripping apart NAFTA, and charging tariffs to Canadians trying to sell things in the US. <rant> He calls it a 'trade deficit', but all that means is the we aren't buying as much as we are selling to the US. We have 36 million people to his 323 million. duH</rant>

We settled on this one.

On the lamp website you upload a photo and can insert the lamps into your photo of the room. Happily, I'd taken the photo above, and I uploaded that. I showed it to hubby, and he liked it. This is a screen shot. You can change the size of the lamp, then duplicate it and insert it again! Voilà!

I did a bit more research on the company, and they've been in business in California since 1976. 
There was free shipping on an order of this size. The order was estimated to take 3 - 7 days. I ordered them Jan. 28th, Sunday.
By Feb. 2nd, they had arrived in Detroit.

Then, Monday, Feb. 5th, it was in Windsor.

One box arrived on Tuesday, Feb. 6th. I told Kevin, our UPS guy, that I was sorta surprised! 
Wednesday I was plain worried, but it was a big storm on Wednesday! He usually delivers come hell or high water! I gave him one of my calendars for a Happy New Year. He's a nice young man.
 (We happened to be at the same traffic light one day!)
The second box, with lamp #2, was delayed with the storm. 

Happily, after the snow day, Kevin brought the 2nd lamp. WHEW!
They were really well-packed. Good thing, as one box had a dent in it, but the styrofoam absorbed the impact of whatever happened!

Since then, these ads have popped up everywhere! Google is watching!

The kids came to visit this weekend. Caitlin helped me hang the lamps. Jean-Luc was cooking dinner (duck)! Izzy came in at the end for the final touches. It turns out that the lamps' on/off switches are dimmers, and JB had actually bought dimmer bulbs, as a fluke. 
The painting is by Ivan. He paints right over the frame! It is in Lucerne, France.

Daisy babysat the babies. I don't know if she was reacting to her guests in her bed, or me taking a photo! She's learned to anticipate and loathe the flash.

Caitlin went to Taipei [My daughter took a trip...], I haven't seen her since her trip. She brought us souvenirs! JB, some authentic tea. For me, a lovely necklace, earrings, and coaster from an artisans' shop: A & C Cat.