Friday, 28 April 2017

*Dorah cat issues

January: Poor Dorah has a sadder bladder! She's been twitchy for a year and a half.


April 20 – Saw her peeing on cat toys.
May 3rd – twice, plus another spot from two weeks ago.
Once, May 4th
Once May 5th
Once, May 6th –same area.

It's been three weeks...since April and it's about every day or every other day. Thank goodness for carpet cleaner.

May 10th -scared away
May 11 – new litter boxes
May 13th –Another large puddle of urine on the carpet.
May 15th – Another
May 18th Big walkies outdoors. 
May 27th –Another.
May 30th, after two incidents on one day, she's back on her Amitriptyline in the ear.
May 31st – 10:30 a.m.
June 1st – mid-morning
June 2nd – early morning.
June 3 – good.
June 4 – good.
June 5th – early morning, later morning.
June 6th – three times early morning. Sat staring at the litter boxes after.
June 7th – twice, a.m.
June 8 – good.
June 9th – once, prior to 5 a.m. Switched to a night time dosage of Amitriptyline.
June 10th – large puddle
June 11th – large puddle
Covered the pill in sauce, she licked off the meat,
and the gravy, and left the pill and carrot!
June 12th – large & small puddles.
June 13th – nothing, calmer at night, visited us at bedtime.
June 14th – peed on cat toy, kitchen; twitchy; peed in basement.
June 15th – peed.
June 16th – peed.
June 17th – peed.
June 18th – good: kids slept over.
June 19th – peed.
June 20th – good, twitchies, but caught a chipmunk. Visited, brushed.
June 21 – good, outside watching critters.
June 22 – Peed.
June 24 – peed (we were away)
June 25 – peed (ditto)
June 26 – clear.
June 27, 28, 29 – all clear.
June 30 – two puddles, two spots. In the p.m. another puddle, another spot.
July 1st – all clear.
July 2nd – puddle under the stairs.
July 3rd – two puddles.
July 4th – clear.
July 5 – clear.
July 6, 7th – all clear.
July 8 – peed.
July 9 – refused to eat pill pellet in food. Fluoxetine Chicken Chew.
July 10 – ground pill with mortar & pestle. How quaint.
July 11 – all clear. Gave ear meds.
July 12 – all clearThere are days... Dorah has new soft pills, in a pill pack. Dorah licked it, left it. Daisy stole it, removed the cover on the bowl. Daisy ate it. Daisy threw up. Twice. Dorah won't eat them. JBs been mashing food, cajoling, bribing, sweet talking.
Refused pill. Ate digestive food, threw up.
July 13/14/15/16/17/18/19 – all clear.
Vet says not to let the cats out, as all the cats will want their food pureed!

July 3rd – two puddles

She can see the three litter boxes from here.

May 10th

The little twerp. Hubby was doing a workout. She went to the litter box room, back to the litter box in the exercise room, and then proceeded to the carpet, again. Hubby scolded her, then sent her outside. In the afternoon, we took her into the vet. Full scale tests, nothing found in the blood or urine, after $378 of tests.

Her twitchies have been reduced. I moved one of the 3 litter boxes to where she has been peeing. It worked for a couple of days, then another spot. She went outside to play, for the first time in several days, which is a good sign.

May 11th

Bought two new litter boxes, kept the newest third one. Threw the others out and put in fresh litter, unscented, without baking soda. We wait. She went outdoors, playing in the yard. Happy, relaxed cat, relatively speaking.

Sleeping in the Muskoka Room.

Back to the vet, May 11th.

 This was easier said than done. She was having no part of this.
1. First, hubby lay on his bed, to wait for Dorah who always goes and helps him have a nap. No Luck. As I came up the stairs with the cat carrier, she passed me in the hallway, and roared downstairs.
2. Downstairs, she went into the living room, then behind the TV stand. I flushed her out with the yard stick. Back upstairs.
3. Under the bed, again. Hubby lay down. No dice. I grabbed her tail, then a back leg, and simply pulled her out, with hubby's help. ARGH.

Whilst waiting for Dr. Sarah, I noticed a little tick nymph on her nose. Crikey!

We had her blood and urine tested for $378. It's worth it to rule things out.
It's NOT diabetes, nor anything else we can treat. Dr. Sarah put a needle into her bladder to get a urine sample. Dorah won't co-operate with the Nosorb.
They're sending the urine sample out for more sophisticated urine testing.

New, CALM cat food.
We'll keep her on the happy creme in her ear. The other cats are NOT using the litter box in the exercise room. Daisy, in fact, came over to try clean up some that Dorah had spilled.

This is a good read: Stop Feline Inappropriate Elimination
Sadly, we've tried everything.

She peed again on the carpet this morning.
First, blot it up.
Next, spray it with pet spray cleaner,
using a damp cloth scrub it.

April 20th, 2017

Dorah has issues.
She's on weight management, vet-bought food. She's up to 17.9 lbs. , which is really bad. She is afraid to go outside, and gets little exercise, which has set her back. The bullying she faced from Buster has left her with some problems. Days of the feline reunion (after his feline aggression.)
She is back to being twitchy. Also, peeing on the floor, on their cat toys. Seriously.

To rule out a UTI, rather than peeing in a cup, they give us plastic litter. You pour the urine into the cup and they can analyse it.
We closed her up in our bedroom, and waited several hours. Rather than doing that, she panicked and headed under the bed.

Off to the vet for some more advice.
Andrea checked her out, thermometer up the bum, palpated her organs. She suggested Feliway, but we've been doing that for a year. Then she asked how many litter boxes we have. Three!
The conclusion is, her issue is between her ears! Dorah wasn't thrilled, obviously!

We had happy pills for her before,
 that didn't work on the third day.
 She'd fight me:  Poor Dorah has a sadder bladder!
C.D Multicare Urinary Tract
Healthy food 

Instead, this creme. Amitriptyline gel.
Amitriptyline is a tricyclic antidepressant and is used is used to treat symptoms of depression. 
New meds: you put 0.1 of it onto your gloved hand, or the back of a spoon and put it in her ear.

 She was skittish. Hubby sat 10 minutes waiting for her. Once we got it into her ear, she thought she'd hide behind the plant.

June 10th, 2016

A year ago, she was doing this weird twitchy thing. I videotaped her so the vet could see her go!


DUTA said...

I feel sad. It seems even your hubby's obvious symphaty for her doesn't help.
May she get well soon!

eileeninmd said...

Hello, So Sorry about Dora. I hope she is well soon. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

Yamini MacLean said...

hari OM
OH Dora darling... here's sending Love and Purrz for your soothing and healing... hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

Nancy J said...

flicking her tail,... in pain,? angry,? frightened,? worms? or wants to go outside? Sorry I cannot be any more help? Have you combed her all over? Could she have any knots in her fur? Our Felicity has a strange habit of waiting at a door with glass panes, we let her in, she does a circuit round the room, goes straight back out and stares in again!!! Try not to worry too much, I know easier said than to actually do that. Spring time, garden goodies out again, we have dark mornings!!!Autumn well and truly here.

William Kendall said...

I hope things improve for her soon.

Anvilcloud said...

Well, I have an equally overweight cat, but the rest is a bigger problem, I think. I hope you find a solution.

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

The things we do for our pets.... sigh. I hope she gets some relief from her issues. Just like with our children, we want to make things better for our animals, too. I've never heard about anti-depressant cream for cats. -Jenn