Saturday, 25 July 2015

Final day with grandkids: afternoon

We had lunch and took off to Smiths Falls to play in the water park. These parks are springing up all over! The only problem I have are unattended children. There was a kid, alone at the park, being bullied by a pair of kids, who were there with what looked like their father. The father was useless. I raised my voice to tell the kids to stop bullying our granddaughters, and he didn't even come over to investigate.

 As a teacher, I spent 25 years doing crowd control on play structures. I could have smacked the father upside the head. Grampa had a talk with one boy, the one who was alone, and he told him the two had bullied him all afternoon. I was so mad. Neither girl wanted to get their clothes wet. I knew we didn't have time to get changed, even though we had packed them up and everything was in the car. What to do? I modeled the behaviour. Yes, Iz and I went into the water. That was all it took. Jos sort of watched and then eventually got herself wet and let go!

She's such a sweet girl. "Gramma, they won't let me through the tube!"

Jos is so used to fitting in with her peer group. Everyone else was in their swimsuits...

even the bullies who had their eye on Iz. I had my eye on them.

Done for the day, we climbed into the hot car (it was 30 C.), soaking wet and happy to go home.

Off we went 'home!' We were there first. Papa was out getting groceries for dinner. Mommy rode her bike home from work.
Such joy to see Mummy and Papa after 6 days! We had a BBQ, and then Gramma and Grampa went home to rest!


Nancy J said...

Your littlies are growing into beautiful young girls, and you have done so much these hols. Your last words, rest!!! I have ordered it in heaps for my days in Wellington. Rest up, both of you, your next Monday appt. is so soon now, and as officially it is now Sunday at 1 a.m. ( yes, sleep is difficult) we drive down today. Hugs and thanks so much for your Facebook words. I treasure them so much. Hugs to you both.

William Kendall said...

The father's the real problem. He was no doubt the same as a kid, and no one ever gave him the thrashing he had coming. He might have turned out to be a better human being.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Such a shame there was some negativity at the park - coz otherwise it looks like a fabby place!!! The vid of the up again down again was fun - and glad the new decking is playing its part already!!! Huggies, YAM xx