Friday, 6 February 2015

Winter Wetland Walkies

nice, crisp lines
We had a dump of snow, nothing like the east coast with it's more than a metre. It was a delightful, light, fluffy snowfall. Maybe 13 cm or so, with a total of 38cm ground cover. This looks good for our plants. It protects the animals, too!

There was much wind, and blowing snow.

I did the driveway, again, and managed some nice, crisp lines!

The trees are laden with snow.  I left cats at home, knowing I wanted to go a goodly distance.
front step is clear

Here is the proof!
Off into the bush, with my videocam (with its GPS) and wearing my snowshoes.

I can avoid getting lost by listening to the traffic on the highway. Also, I can follow any deer trail and end up at our backyard, all roads lead to the feeder!

Videocam plotting my trail
I spotted the Snowshoe Hare, but it was too fast for me to photograph. I was carrying my walking stick, and my videocam in it's shoulder bag. I don't know how far in total, but it was a 90-minute walk!

The sun is so warm, relatively speaking! The skies an amazing blue.



eileeninmd said...

Pretty shots from your walk.. The snow looks beautiful. Have a happy weekend!

Vagabonde said...

Your photos are lovely. It must be so nice to walk in your neighborhood. Here we have had no snow or even ice yet, but it has been sunny – one day of snow would be great.

Nancy J said...

lovely pics, as always, and that driveway line, it could have been measured by an engineer!! We have 6 C this morning, I have lit the fire again!!!Where did summer go? Email, I will reply, as I have that first delicious coffee. Hugs,Jean

William Kendall said...

Everything looks quite fresh in the snow.

Red said...

Great winter shadows in the open bush. Now that's a lot of work from your snow!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
A picture-card post!!! YAM xx

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

That's better than a breadcrumb trail! Hansel and Gretel should have had a bird/deer feeder in their yard ;>)

What lovely winter scenes. What cold winter scenes!

Powell River Books said...

We are in the middle of a Pinapple Express storm with temps up to 15 degrees. Lots of rain and wind, but no snow for us. - Margy

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I love your walk. I also love your phrase "... a dump of snow.."

When I was a kid and we lived in a National Forest brother Bob and I would tromp around in the snow quite a bit. For some reason we never worried about getting lost.