Saturday, 29 November 2014

Don't you love redoing furniture? Betcha don't use a shovel!

Paint job aside, here are the legs!

They give great ideas, except this one was a hoot!

They featured Do-It-Yourself, and inexpensive make-overs for furniture.

I was watching this show, which shall go nameless, and the host had two 'experts' do-over an inexpensive Ikea dresser. I laughed so hard.

The first one was not-too-bad. She painted the top and sides, and put wallpaper over the front, replacing the boring factory knobs.

The second woman, she did some fancy painting, using tape to block, and decided to put on some legs. Rather than buying some, she couldn't find any she liked, and so she BOUGHT A SHOVEL and sawed the handle into pieces. A long-handled shovel. Seriously. It was so funny!

I priced the shovel, and it is not cheap!
Seriously! She chopped it off!
A new shovel...
We have a lot of shovels. I inherited my late parents' shovels, and the former owner of this house left a couple, as well.
How many shovels
do you have?!

I have to rearrange the shed to bring the shovels to the front and put the lawn tractor to the back. Won't be using that anytime soon!
Here is a style! Como chairs

Bikes away, shovel time!


Hilary said...

I love how creative some people are with old or new furniture pieces. I'd love to have that kind of ability.

Nancy J said...

What a laugh!! In your shed, is that a little trolley on wheels, and did it ever have sides? we. well, I have one, but beyond repair now, rusted, the sides have long gone, and I am waiting for Hugh to salvage the chassis and put a new top on it. So useful. Jean.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
I do rather like all the updating of things like this... though sometimes it can cost more than buying something bespoke in the first place! YAM xx

Marie said...

Sometimes those shows are too stupid for words! And I rarely like the styles they use.

William Kendall said...

I think my dad had four shovels around the house.