Thursday, 30 October 2014

Isabelle, Sady, Geraldine

Another full day. Hubby went off to dispatch Meals on Wheels on Tuesday. I hunkered down with cats. After MoW, he went off to buy some more of his supplements, pick up a couple of books for me, and killed a pizza for my dinner. (He can't eat them anymore!) What a man!

Isabelle, Jesse
My antibiotics are gone, and I hope the sinusitis doesn't come back. I had a lovely little Skype session with Isabelle, who has the runny nose and was home, for the second day, with her cold. She, like me, rubbed her eye with a hand she'd blown her nose with and needed some eye meds. (Even Buster seems to have a sore eye.)
She was wearing her gold polka dot wedding skirt (right), with an orange Darth Vader t-shirt. Seriously! She's the fashionista and trend-setter.

<= Here she is with her Uncle Jesse at his wedding last May.
She is a trooper. We had a fine visit at Thanksgiving. She was asking me to come downstairs and colour with her in her large colouring book. Of course, I did. She has a pen mark on her cheek.
Isabelle at Thanksgiving

Poor Sadie has a terrible cold, too. She is wheezing and sneezing. Poor thing. She doesn't seem to have affected the other cats, as she pretty much only likes hubby. Full stop.

Sadie's flowers from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.
My daughter brought me a lovely Thanksgiving bouquet to our dinner. They seem to have become Sadie's flowers! Normally, you'd expect the older cats would be role models. Sadie's picked up all the bad habits of her younger siblings.

These photos were taken with the videocam, at the same time I was filming. It needs a bit more light than I had. Hubby cannot get enough photos of cats, he always read by blog posts, so here we are.

Outside, it was a beautiful afternoon. Dorah and I fed the Blue jays. I refilled the goldfish pond and cleaned out the bird bath. (No helpers for that!).

Geraldine resurfaced. Jerry hasn't been around. He might have gone down to the frog pond. Notice the leopard frog on the edge of the pot! I hope she is too full to eat it. She looks quite content to veg.


Judy said...

Hope everyone gets better soon!!!

William Kendall said...

That's a lot of under the weatherness around your place!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

You are beginning to sound more like yourself! Keep on recovering. Your gd is adorable.