Friday, 29 August 2014

Another driving incident

Who do you suppose is at fault?

  • The woman who parked in a no-stopping/fire route zone (just beside a crosswalk), 
  • or the person who backed up into her? 
People stop here all the time. Tons of parking spaces, but they can't be bothered to park in a legal parking spot. I'm sure you see it where you live!

Cars running, wasting energy, important people who cannot park and cannot walk 50'.  Now, I'm a hospice volunteer and I empathise with those who have physical issues, but there are very few medical issues where mild exercise, say walking 50', is precluded or unwise. More often than not it isn't someone with a physical issue, but just lazy!

Either way, what a sad incident. So needless.


Rideau Ferry said...

Hi Jenny!
I get your point re people being lazy or too big of a hurry to park properly, in Perth worse case you may need to walk half a block if you're really unlucky....but the person who reversed into the parked vehicle, what if that was a baby carriage, or a child walking? Good thing it was only a vehicle and I assume no one was hurt. The fact they hit the parked vehicle, (we will assume it wasn't intentional) means they weren't watching where they were backing up.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

I agree, RF. Thing is, the crosswalk isn't used well, either. It was right there and you can see the woman crossing across the crosswalk, not following it!
One would hope an adult would be tall enough to see in the rear view mirror of the truck. You'd hope kids would be holding someone's hand. (I know we grip our grandkids hands very tightly!)

What I wondered was if the small car would be obscured by the pick-up truck's back end? I haven't ever driven one. Our car (2014) has a video cam in the rear, which has proven really helpful.

It is a lesson. The parking lot was quite empty, really.
No, she wasn't hurt.Good thing. In shock, perhaps.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

It reminds me of the Lac Megantic Train fire report. It was a combination of several things that caused it!

Rideau Ferry said...

If they can't see where they're going then they shouldn't "go". Not being able to see doesn't mean you can careen into another vehicle, legally or illegally parked. HTA states that if you hit something with your vehicle, you're at fault, for insurance purposes, the fault determination rules for MVA's in parking lots state if you back into another vehicle, you're at fault, as well if you hit a parked vehicle, you're at fault. If the vehicle was illegally parked, that's a separate issue and possible subject to fine, towing etc...

Rideau Ferry said...

Notwithstanding, our frustration with the parking of the little black car is justified.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

I agree! Let's hope they both have insurance!
Too many incidents in parking lots.
My question was: Is there a blind spot in a pick-up? I've never driven one.
The height of the back of the truck seems as high as the car!

I think all the defensive driver courses would tell us that you put yourself at a risk illegally parking.
There is a reason they have lines in the lots and the 'no-parking' signage! I usually park in the back, where there are fewer cars, and stupid drivers!

William Kendall said...

Insurance agents might be pleased. Premiums go up all around.

Red said...

I'm not exactly sure what went on here. It sounds ;like two wrongs don't make a right.
On the issue of lazy parking so we don't have to walk...I have not time for those lazy bones.

Rideau Ferry said...

right on Bill, power to the people!!

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

While the person backing up is legally at fault, the woman illegally parking was the one morally at fault.
That said, I bet the insurance companies aren't involved!