Sunday, 8 June 2014

I spent hours on the golf course yesterday

Here we are: selfie!
I did spend hours there, but I do not golf.
I was asked to take team photos for all the participants in the annual Cancer Fundraising Golf Tournie at Perth Golf Course on June 7th, 2014. For fun, I turned on my GPS as my buddy, Bob, chauffeured me around the course. He knows the course well. He was my man last year, too.
Aren't they marvellous sports?!

We had a list of teams, and I checked them off as we visited and I photographed each one.
The cool thing about this is that the teams are all sent out at once, for a 1:00 p.m. tee-off time, each cart has the name of the pair riding in it, each pair of teams starts at the same home. Teams 1A and 1B, for example. They all rotate clockwise to the next hole.

With the miracle of technology, and my Garmin, I can match the photos to where they were taken. My blog buddy, Yogi, blogged about geocaching. I never did manage to catch onto it, but I did buy a GPS to help me navigate my way through our frozen wetland.

 There was a putting challenge and a silent auction. The wine was garnering a lot of attention! There were two marshalls, my driver and another man. A band was playing whilst people had lunch and chatted.

I Googled Golf Team Photos, and couldn't find any great ideas for setting up the teams. One team captain insisted that they HAD TO BE UNDER A TREE. It must have been tradition! The ladies around the cherry-red car were the free spirits, and came up with a fun pose.
After I finished the team photos, I put them on my memory stick, and took them to our local grocery store, Barnabe's, where they printed a photo for each member of the team, to be ready for their dinner at the club. It was quite a rush. There were four Barnabe's playing today!
I also came across sponsor signs for many of the businesses we have used in town, land surveyors, Perth Vet Clinic. Hooray for small towns!

Other than the rush at the end, it was lovely driving around on this very old course. The oldest private golf club, in the heart of Perth, ON. The Tay River runs through it, as well as many birds, bees and geese.

Bob knew everyone!


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
Oh your piccies of Faline are beyond delightful; and what a wonderful time at the golf course, without the frustrations of hitting that little white ball! I used to play and could hold my own, but never since I went to Australia. Not sure, why... YAM xx

Joe Todd said...

You might consider taking up golfing.. I didn't golf til about 10 years ago but I really really enjoy it today. I often take my camera along especially if I'm golfing by myself.. Hope you have a great weekend

Nancy J said...

What a great golf course, and super event. Your photo of the course, with photos attached, superb. and the videos, that putting competition looked so much fun. I'm sure they were all so happy to get their photos, what a fast trip you did. Cheers,Jean.

William Kendall said...

I quite like the musical band!

As to the game itself, well, let's just say I'm not a fan!

Red said...

I'd say learning all this should be worth at least two full credits towards a PHD!!!!

Christine said...

you make golfing look fun!

Kay said...

What a wonderful day to be out in the sun having fun for a good cause.