Thursday, 23 January 2014

Tennis indoors @AustralianOpen; deer outdoors

Here, birdy, birdy. As if!
The chickadees taunt her.

It's so cold outside. Another -30 C. night. Outdoor play is important. Daisy follows me to the bird feeders, but she isn't much help.

Indoor play is important, too. I've been busily entertaining cats with  'snake', a long piece of fake fur attached to a stick. There are feathers on the end, and when I snap it cats come running for a good play.

Tennis at the Australian Open [ @AustralianOpen] has been a great way to keep humans entertained indoors. Our Canadian player, Eugenie Bouchard [ ]: in the top 30 in the world, has risen to the top 20 or so. It's been 30 years since we've had a woman like this! At 19, she's going to have an amazing career.

Elephant rolls her eyes at Daisy watching TV
Ms. Bouchard is a testament to common sense, cool control, and keeping her focus. She is such a darling! No screaming like a girl (Azerenko) or slamming her racket, or bullying or questioning the umpires or line judges. One male player, David Ferrer, shoved a line judge to get him out of his way. Twice.
Also, Ferrer put his towel on the line judge's chair, similarly shoving him out of the way. This is what they have the ball kids for, not only chucking you fresh balls. You fling your towel and have peeps to catch them for you. And these ball boys and girls are VERY well trained and professional. I am totally impressed! You'd think modern players would have learned from the behaviour of drama queens like John McEnroe (see McEnroe tantrums, if you are too young to remember)! What a waste of energy.
She's not quick enough, though.

I'd just missed a photo. She put her head
between her arms, as if praying!

I tried with the automatic setting. The flash popped up.
Their eyes are on fire!
Daisy took a rest on the stool, back feet on the floor.
Dorah was playing 'snake', too.

Outdoor play has been tough to sell! After our thaw last month, there are tufts of frozen grass, since covered up by 3" of snow.

The walking is still pretty bad, although it has improved. Hubby has strained a muscle in his foot and cannot walk on it. He's a wreck, between one thing and another, and thinks I ought to trade him in for two 32-year-olds. I told him, I don't have the patience to train any young ones!

Settled down in the morning sunshine
on the grassy knoll.

There were 4 on the hill


Hilary said...

Your cats are just a hoot. And your deer so lovely.

Ela said...

How a beautiful and so sweet kitty

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Oz has been having its own dangerous and out of thinking temperatures - just the opposite to your own! I can't believe they let the players on court in such conditions; or that the prima donnas you talk about complain about it.

That said, am not a tennis fan...I've been watching the British Indoor Bowls Championship. Keyword? INDOOR. I'm joining the kittehs!!! YAM xx