Tuesday, 19 November 2013

What's with these temperatures? Daisy and Geraldine are happy!

Geraldine sits and waits - patiently
Geraldine bullfrog is still active, which is unusual. She was after moths in the night, the previous night. I worry about the raccoons, who would prey upon her.

Daisy keeps her on her toes, which is only right. Raccoons are omnivores, eating things dead or alive!

Daisy wants to play, she adores her frogs, but Geraldine has no interest in Daisy kisses.

our girls in summer

Water looks so black
The goldfish are up at the surface, looking for handouts.

Goldfish and Geraldine - prey and predator

Geraldine keeps a close eye out for Daisy.
Finding historical data is interesting. I had to go overseas to this website to find it.

November temperatures are usually much nearer to 5 C. or so.

I've winterized the pond, taken out the pump and cleaned it. There was ice on it last week, but everything has melted.
Then there is Daisy...
She cannot figure out why she cannot walk on the logs!

A balmy day, for November. It was 15 C. Sunday. Monday morning was 12 C., Geraldine bullfrog was active all night. Temperatures are expected to go down to about 5 C. yesterday, subzero last night.
Try not to laugh as Daisy tests each floating cedar log!
Daisy and Geraldine from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.


Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, Jenn. You just made my day. A cat who wants to kiss a frog, and a frog who hides out in the pond in order to avoid being kissed by the cat. TOO much fun entirely. I love it. Daisy was certainly thwarted by those floating logs, but not quite ready to give up. Great fun!
Love, K

Red said...

Lucky you with plus 15. Tonight we get minus 29!