Friday, 29 November 2013

Snow cleared, cats are antsy wanting out, then in, birds galore!

She loves my chair
The cats wanted out to play, so out they came.

First was Daisy. (Dorah is more of a fair-weather cat.)
 Daisy followed me onto the driveway, while I checked out my work. I'd noticed some caterpillars blown off of the dead Elm trees onto the white snow. They've disappeared.

Tough Daisy, up to her arm pits!

Hurry up, Mom!

doggy-digging, again!
Ears back, on the run!
A job to do..
See the height of the snow bank?
He's happy with the cleared walk!
Buster woke up after his morning nap. He'd been out from around 10:30 p.m. until, perhaps 2 a.m., I forget exactly!

Next, a word from our friends, the birds -anxious to fill up and keep warm. The birds are very busy.
First on the right

Then around the tree to the left!
What's up, woman?
This would have been a great shot.
But the junco flew off before I'd focused...
Yes, the windows need cleaning!

I'm having a heckuva time photographing the junco.
They are very shy. Also, clever!
They clean up dropped seed from under the lilac tree,
where the chickadees eat their treasure.
Through my dirty window.


Mummy, let us in!
Dark-eyed junco


Hilary said...

Fun shots of the critter.. feline and avian.

Red said...

You have lots of good bird shots on this post.

Kay said...

Daisy certainly blends in with the snow. I love all your photos of the birds.