Thursday, 14 November 2013

Rob Ford –city hall livecam

Excellent website: 60+ questions for Rob Ford!

I need not explain the story! He's the butt of jokes around the world. I've been following it, as the political process interests me. Having been on various executives based on Robert's Rules, it was an exercise in how to keep order!
MM 41.25 recommendations
This Hour Has 22 Minutes: warning signs that Ford has a problem.

Nov. 14th, 2013
Three-quarters of Toronto residents believe Rob Ford should either resign or step aside to seek treatment, a new poll from Ipsos Reid suggests. Despite the high proportion of Torontonians who believe Ford is taking the wrong course of action, the mayor’s approval rating has fallen but not dropped off completely. (Robyn Doolittle - who's been doing a lot!)

When the mayor rises to speak council turns their backs on him.

Like an incident waiting to happen, and being home sick, I followed. It was a good lesson in Robert's Rules, while the poor Speaker tried to maintain order in the face or rudeness, disrespect for one another, heckling, anger and frustration.
Rob Ford is ready to 'get it on' as Toronto city council debates leave-of-absence motion, he warned us that he isn't going down without a fight.

One councillor is leading him, like a lawyer, to the slaughter! With questions asking about employee behaviour, one who was found asleep on the job. Ford said this employee was rightly fired for poor performance.
He was then comparing it to Ford's inexcusable belligerence.
They do hate him! Some care and want him to do the right thing.

Q: "Do you expect more of others than you do of yourself?"
A: I expect them to show up straight, every day, on time. I've done this! They've been talking about a guy, who was sleeping on the job, who was fired. They are right: there is a double-standard for staff. Some are fired for poor performance.
 Ford claims he's been doing his job.

Q: Why, as the Chief Magistrate of the city, are you not cooperating with police? You tell the communities to be open with police for public safety.
A: "Do not talk to the police." he said, on the advice of his lawyer.
"I've never met these men in the photo before in my life. They just asked for a picture."

Q: Are you taking action with professionals in relation to your problems in getting help?
A: I'm doing exactly as I'm supposed to do.
Still didn't answer.
Q: Constituents are asking, are you getting professional help?
A: I've already explained that.
Q: Is there some way you can explain to us why you are not taking a leave of absence?
A: I'm answering phone calls, I'm doing my job. I'm not missing a day of work. I never have, I never will.
Q: In recent events have you learned anything about compassion?
(He's on tape telling us that they should use a gun with drug addicts.)
He's on tape, as a councillor, refusing to provide help for addicts.
Have you learned from this experience – a greater understanding of other people's problems?
A: I'm the first person there –to help people with problems.

Q: Taste of the Danforth, called staff there to ensure you didn't drive, as you were drunk.
Did you drive there, already drunk?
A: No.
(Later, redacted documents released by a judge, cites former staff who allegedly saw him drinking a mickey of vodka that day, and snorting coke with an escort.)

Q: Have you assaulted any of your staff?
A: No, in my 13 years there, not that I can remember.

Q: Did you shoved one of your staff to the ground on St. Patrick's Day?
A: If you believe everything your read, then I think you might have a problem. Some of the reports were true, some it was false.
drunken stupor
(Redacted documents claim her shoved a staffer that day.)

They began asking questions of the City manager, and staff:
Q:  Is it your perception that city services have been disrupted? Can you tell us, in terms of services, has there been any service disrupted as a result of what's been happening, in any manner?
A: City Manager: No.
Q: Committees: have they continued to function, chairs attending and responding to issues and items.
A: Yes.

Regarding the motion put for by council:
City Manager
Q: The recommendations in this motion, are any of these enforceable, or are these symbolic, or are they suggestions?
A: They are suggestions.

Councillor Minnan-Wong:
"The world is watching. Do the right thing, not for ourselves, not against the mayor, but in favour of the city, upon which so many citizens depend.
The values that matter most, in the values of an individual, or a city, is doing not the right thing, or legal thing. But in doing what is the responsible thing."

TWITTER: Rob Ford defends his alleged criminal record with his fiscal record

 MM 41.25 

Minnan-Wong says Mayor's ego is "off the leash". Somewhere a responsible adult needs to draw "a bright moral line". I'm so tired of getting up every morning and wondering 'what will it be today?'
Ainslie and Filion have introduced a motion to suspend the Mayor's ability to do his job.

Andrew Coyne: "Holier-than-thou media demands perfection, expects mayor not to be serial liar/cocaine user/drunk driver/friend of violent criminals."
Toronto City Council

 "Yes, I have." Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's reply when asked if he bought illegal drugs. 
Minnan-Wong: "It's been one of the hardest choices I've had to make. You're welcome to impugn my motives, but know what you're wrong. Things aren't fine. The city's reputation has started to suffer. People here will pay for the damage for a long while to come. It shouldn't have had to come to this."

This is the Toronto Sun story :
Consistently, Toronto City Council voted to censure Rob Ford. They aren't enforceable, but, at least, reflects that council understands values, right and wrong, and the moral standards those in power should display.
The Ford's motion: let he who is without sin...

During the debacle, Ford stuck to his position. He made mistakes. He is sorry. He can now carry on, no problem.

Mayor Ford did display menacing actions towards Councillor Minnan-Wong.
He spent much time moving about the room, lobbying, whilst brother Doug Ford stood up for his brother.

Eventually, Ford tried to put a motion on the floor, but Robert's Rules escape him, or were ignored. It wasn't properly submitted and the Speaker rightly dismissed it as out of Order.
Speaker Nunziata
He 'challenged the chair', and the rest of council supported the speaker. They were mid-motion (MM 41.25) and he was supposed to close debate with comment and a defense of his behaviour, but chose to submit this motion.

He wanted 'he who is without sin' to be submitted for drug testing, on his dime.
There were hours spent on MM 41.25 yesterday. It was a shameful waste of time, really. But I do believe it was the only thing Council could do: indicate to the world that being drunk at the office, snorting cocaine, driving drunk and uttering racial slurs and racist remarks, putting down women, should not be tolerated in the city of Toronto.
The results of votes on the four separate MM 41.25 motions was interesting. There is no shame, apparently, in making mistakes. There are no consequences, apparently. Despite many pieces of evidence of addiction, he said he is sorry and he can now get on with doing his job.
The incredible lightness of being Chief Magistrate of the city. Corruption, the topic of many cop/political/CSI shows, has proven not to be a big deal.

Saying you are sorry

Saying you are sorry doesn't forgive your sins. Besides, he isn't sorry, simply sorry he was caught, which was explained in an inadequate, poorly phrased, badly composed, ill-spoken speech. He refused to listen to those, such a Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti, who seems to be his buddy.

  • Be honest
  • Explain your actions
  • Assure that it will not happen again
  • Be convincing, explain WHY it won't happen again (e.g., getting professional help)
  • Forget excuses
  • Make it about your victims (Council, staff, citizens of Toronto, taxpayers, Canadians)
  • Consider the repercussions of your actions –do not dismiss them
  • Forget about blaming others
  • Figure out what it is you are sorry about (not that you were caught!)


Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, Jenn, I'm sorry you're home sick, but even sorrier you are wasting your better self by reporting the Rob Ford debacle. He's not worth it. You have much better things to write on your blog, about your darling granddaughters, and your ever-entertaining cats, and the progress of the pond-freezing, and Geraldine, and Tigger.
Ontarians and Canadians in general are giving Ford too much attention. Now he thinks he's famous! Good grief!
You are a much more interesting person than he is.
Love, K

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

Truthfully, Kay, I'm finding it a fascinating aspect of municipal politics.
How do you remove a mayor who is immoral, doing illegal activities, and is rich white trash?
This is different than corrupt Montreal mayors, who have been removed.
It is the process that, hopefully, will be changed.

Judy said...

One of my nephews had Ford coaching a football team, and said the guy was a bully, even back then. I don't have much respect for the guy, and he is not doing Toronto any favours, with this sort of publicity!

Red said...

This issue has really got your attention. It is certainly a very sad situation in Toronto.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

It does, Red. Politics are quite something.
The City of Toronto Act doesn't have a clause whereby he can be fired. It is interesting to see where it goes from here!
It is an issue that could affect all cities across the land.
They are afraid he's going to fire the Deputy Mayor, or committee chairs, as he is a loose cannon, and firing shots off the bow at everyone!

What do you do when a leader goes rogue, or is making bad decisions? This aside from one who has been convicted of something, like Montreal mayors.
Besides, I've been home sick for a week, and it's good to be reading!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Well I confess I didn't know about it. We don't have a tv and I have been too busy to read the paper much lately. Sounds like a mess.

Kay said...

Oh dear! I'm sorry to say we've even heard about this fellow here in Hawaii. In fact, we've heard of him quite often in the news. I don't understand WHY he doesn't resign. He definitely has a problem.

Christine said...

what a scandal on the city! he's a disgrace.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

First of all, Ford has been a TERRIBLE mayor based on policies alone. Sure, the garbage privatization was great but anyone would have done that -- it's common practice for cities these days. And the labour peace has been good but the unions knew they had to lie low after the public outcry that put Ford in office. All of the actual policies by Ford -- transportation, waterfront development, casinos, city services, etc. -- have been from the mind of, as the New Yorker put it, a "feral 16 year old".
Some, with low-information, claim he's been a good mayor.
One commenter wrote:
Then, on top of the bad policies, you have the favourtism towards Deco, towards subways in the wrong places to buy votes. You have the misuse of city staff and resources over and over again. You have the low intellect that can't handle reading, never mind explaining, complex reports. The running from the media and utter refusal to ever answer questions, leading to a circus atmosphere as reporters wait outside homes and offices just trying to get a word in.