Friday, 23 August 2013

Bon Echo Park Wanderer Too'r: photo set 2

As if it had been sliced open.
The rocks are 300' high.
The canoe in the distance!
The rocks are amazing.

I wanted to know a bit more about them. The Visitor's Centre was the place.
They have great displays to explain the complex shifting of the rock, the sheer cliffs. I wished my daughter was with us. She is a hydrogeologist, with her M.Sc., and I learn a lot while she explains things to us civilians. I eavesdrop at the beach, where she explains the formation of sand to her daughters. How much we learn from our children!

Here are large-res photos of the information, if you are interested. I always read them and promptly forget the information.
Digital photography has been a boon to knowledge!

Bon Echo began with the establishment of the Bon Echo Inn, and the plaque explains it. Enamoured with Walt Whitman, you can see how they had a message carved in the rock in my third set of photos. A little kooky, to my mind, but who am I to throw stones?

The size is incomprehensible, unless you've been to Lake Superior Park. They have amazing rock, too! Gargantua Bay isn't a trip for chumps, though. With both open holes, nay, pits in the road, and rocky bumps.

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Red said...

Beautiful country to tour. I like the rugged rack that is twisted and colored.