Friday, 14 June 2013

My MPP told me to 'get a life'!


1. The act of criticizing.
2. An unfavorable comment.

I love intellectual discourse. I like reading about politics, reflecting and discussing what goes on in this world. With a big month in Ontario in politics (scandals, secrecy, deleted e-mail, and purported fraud) at all the levels of government, we must demand that our elected politicians stand up to a higher lever of accountability. They are supposed to reflect and represent all of their constituents, no matter whether we have voted for them or not. They are supposed to weigh all sides of an issue, and listen to constituents and all stakeholders.

I attended an information meeting hosted by Algonquins of Ontario regarding the Agreement-in-Principle on the land claims. I took photos and wrote about it here:

Algonquins of Ontario Land Treaties:  Agreement-in-Principle (AIP)

Desmond Devoy checks the photo!
I was excited to attend a meeting to explain the process in the land claims settlements. It was attended by 34 people.
Most were politicians or press!
I wrote about the meeting, but it wasn't until this week that it made it into the EMC news.

No new native rights granted under draft land claim agreement: Potts

Posted Jun 13, 2013 By Desmond Devoy 

Desmond Devoy always writes thoughtful, well-researched pieces, that balance sides and provides information. I wrote last winter: "Most at the meeting in February, so Desmond Devoy implied, are more concerned about their land rights. It is high time that we settle this terrible issue and right the wrongs perpetrated on a people that took care of us in the early days when Whites invaded a difficult land. My grandmother told stories of Native Peoples who helped her family in the early days of settlement here."

Mr. Hillier is more concerned with protecting landowner rights, than the rights of all who live, work and play in Lanark County. What I found sad is that Randy Hillier's website has stolen EMC's latest article by Desmond Devoy, and posted it on his website.

The EMC clearly identifies the content as:  © 2009 - 2013  Metroland Media Group Ltd. All rights reserved. 

Some of the things I used to teach (with an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Technology) was Netiquette, plagiarism and copyright laws. My students, who were just learning to use the web, didn't see any problem in copying entire pieces, photos, and submitting it as their own work. I think that Randy Hillier, or his peeps, have missed that lesson.

He is against same-sex marriage, protecting the land from pollution and exploitation, and laws that protect both flora and fauna, from what I can glean of his rants. Also, @randyhillier has blocked me from following his Twitter feed, which is mildly amusing. My Twitter friends tell me that you know your point has hit home if you are blocked!

I posted a comment on Mr. Hillier's website, where he has reposted the EMC article, suggesting he has violated copyright laws. –As is my right to speak my mind.–
 I have been duly bitch-slapped by MPP Hillier and told to 'get a life' and 'tear up your liberal membership card'.

Yes, I am shocked. Mr. Back Off Government, who claims we are soft on crime, or some other conservative rhetoric. It was amusing that many rolled their eyes as MPP Hillier entered the room. After 5 or 6 questions from on local Councillor, and managed to get in a  comment before Mr. Hillier hijacked the meeting.

I left, at that point, as I knew this would take some time!
There are many stakeholders in land claims. All must be heard.
The Youtube video, disparaging him for not paying $15,000 in property taxes, is illuminating. He blamed his wife, then the government. He continues to draw $118,000 or so in MPP salary.

He has also blocked me on Twitter! You know you've made a point when they block you!

"The Nanny State and You" - Randy Hillier speaks

MPP Randy Hillier
Mr. 'Back Off Government'

The phrase itself grates on my nerves. The 'Nanny State', as all his posts proclaim, infers we don't need anyone to watch over us, do we?


Red said...

Good on you for getting under these bastards skin. They do all they can so that they block you out.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

My MPPs response to me:


You have demonstrated to me time and time again that you are not interested in thoughtful discourse but prefer partisan sniping and that you cannot distinguish the difference between ones' personality and ones' politics. Although you are entitled to your rantings and rhetoric, it is unbecoming and rude to continually engage in ad hominem attacks. That being said, I and my office are also free to reject your disingenuous and disrespectful conduct.

Furthermore, I find it dishonest that you desire to follow my activities, communications and social media while clearly my views, perspectives and politics cause you such enormous anxiety and consternation. Find someone else to follow.

Randy H.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

In one conversation, someone wrote:
"These politicians must realize they are accountable to their constituents. Blocking them nullifies their mandate."