Friday, 21 June 2013

Flooding in Calgary June 21, 2013

The news has been full of the incredible flooding this year. Alberta has shallow rivers, not very wide.You can wade across it in the summer, but it is rising up to the bridges.
Hubby lived in downtown Calgary, in the block below. It is 6 blocks and uphill from the river. There are lots of photos at the Calgary Herald. Hubby lived in a basement, near this spot!
LIVE: High River, six Calgary neighbourhoods, ordered evacuated as flooding threatens to top...
Follow the latest developments on flooding across southern Alberta; our Twitter feed gives minute-by-minute updates.
For more information about the floods, you can read CBC's devoted page:

Schools closed, emergency rooms open in Calgary

This is scary footage of Calgary flooding with people risking their lives.
A reporter

Then there is flooding on some farmer's fields, caused by the recent rain, and RVCA keeping the water high enough for boats. A conflict has ensued. (Note: 'sue' is involved!)
  1. Farmers want government to pay up for flooded crops ‎- 21 hours ago
    A group of nearly two dozen Ottawa-area farmers want financial ...Rideau system is high, then the water won't flow out of our fields," he said. North Gower, S.E. Ontario

Flooding in Fort McMurray:
Lots of flooding there, with the gym floor under quite some water.
Fort McMurray, once named McMurray, is an urban service area in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo in Alberta, Canada.   

Here is some good info, from the city of Ottawa, about flooding with sewers.

 Muskoka flood –April 2013.
I found video of the 2011 Manitoba floods, January, 2011 floods in Australia. The power of the water is amazing and to be respected.

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