Monday, 13 May 2013

CBO's 'Freaky Fridays' = Jumping the Shark?

It's a shame Ontario Morning is resorting to gimmicks to boost for market share.
Someone's hair-brained idea: to have a guest come in and guest host. It's terribly sad.
As a listener,
since 1981, I find it unsettling during my morning routine, worrying that the 'guest' doesn't screw up. I want the pros to be behind the microphone doing their jobs. I want real news, with actual reporting, journalists who do their jobs, not becoming the story and the entertainment.

I'm not sure why those who have paid good money to attend a concert by a professional would want to listen to a non-singer in a duet.

When did the journalists become the story?

It's no wonder people my age, in rural S.E. Ontario, have turned off CBC in lieu of local radio.

And why the Rip and Read at 5:40 a.m., as well as the rebroadcasts? With a host complaining about getting up early, why doesn't CBO simply start their real broadcasts at 6 a.m.?
They are darn lucky to have a job!

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Olga said...

"Entertainment" in the sunk to the lowest common denominator some time ago. It is sad to learn that Canada is on that track as well.