Saturday, 12 January 2013

Winter, bad backs, shoveling!

Mummy bought me a fine tablecloth!
It was on sale, and it has tassles!

We had a ton of snow in December, nothing like Newfoundland this past week (50cm!), but enough. I knew warm weather was coming and decided to scrape the sidewalk as best I could, for our backs and our protection.

Falls are a terrible complication of a life that can be well-lived in our golden years. Many of us act unsafely, and risk our health and well-being by refusing to accept the changes in our bodies. With the aches and pains and creaks of middle and late-age, we have to trod carefully. Many of my clients forget this!

That said, hubby put his back out with a wee twist. He loved to shovel snow, but does not do so any longer. I enjoy the outdoor work and he takes up the slack indoors. He is the chief shopper, bottle washer, and keeps the kitchen tidy! I appreciate this. I love being outdoors. It is a great marriage!
Outdoors I went, to clear off the walk.
The cats are pretty antsy, they smell a thaw in the air, and want to get out and about. Yes...
I had helpers! They loathe the wet snow, and wanted to climb the trees. That's where the chickadees were sitting!

Snow is knee-deep!
Can you see them?!
Curtain climbers for sure!

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Red said...

I'm a senior who pushes things to the limit. I pushed things to the limit when I climbed and was on exposed ledges with no rope. I know I'm pushing it but I believe we have to stay active. I stretch like crazy to keep my back from the big twinge. I have fallen and got away without injury.