Saturday, 4 August 2012

Heron in flight

For me it's a crap shoot: whether I get a focused shot or not!
Mind you, perfection is when "preparation meets opportunity."

Then there is training, research, and talking to friendly professional photographers.

My automatic focus camera is great, but there are times when you have to plan for the shoot and shoot the plan, then be prepared for anything!

    In nothing does man, with his grand notions of heaven and charity, show forth his innate, low-bred, wild animalism more clearly than in his treatment of his brother beasts. From the shepherd with his lambs to the red-handed hunter, it is the same; no recognition of rights -- only murder in one form or another. 
-John Muir, naturalist, explorer, and writer (1838-1914)
CC #226


eileeninmd said...

I find it very hard to get flight shots, you did great. Love the GB Heron.

Denise said...

Great captures of this beautiful bird in flight. So graceful. I enjoyed reading the Muir quote too and have never seen this one before.

ladyfi said...

Lovely heron shots.

Snap said...


Powell River Books said...

We get herons here at the marina in town and up the lake occasionally. I've seen one perch several times on the edge of our garden float to watch for critters swim by in the water. Nice photos. - Margy

Renae said...

That is an incredible capture!

I will join you promptly and I am going to invite Mary and Jacqueline to join you, too!

Please see my entry here at #40. The picture of my doggie didn't come up.

Join me, too?

Kay said...

These are gorgeous shots! I have the worst luck with bird photos. More often than not I have empty frame because the bird flew off.

eJoops said...

Beautiful action shots!

Pomeranian, your comment is always highly appreciated! Have a great weekend.

Red said...

I'd say you could brag about this one! Well done!

Hanne Bente said...

Great pictures you show.