Tuesday, 10 July 2012

July birds - in the forest, wetland and harbour!

Blue Jay in my Catalpa tree
There are lots of birds about. On an early morning forest walk me an' Felix spotted these.
Blue jays high atop a wetland tree

Great Crested Flycatcher

Purple Finch

Can you tell me why they call it a
'Purple' Finch?

Tree Sparrow hunts for morsels

Tree Sparrow - on a patio!
Juvenile Starling methinks!
Lots of birds are creating 2nd broods with early Spring.
Cormorant in the harbour

Geese practice formation

Seagull in Kingston Harbour

I love them, but then I don't see them often!

My Catalpa tree is a fave with the birds.

We travelled to Kingston for a Daycation. Lots to see.

Lunch on the patio, and several birds were taking advantage of the free grub and crumbs!
I cannot abide people feeding birds on a patio. There are dire consequences, much as they think it is cute.

A boat trip around the harbour gave me the opportunity to photograph some water birds.

The boat was a bit too crowded for me, people arguing over empty seats, but it was a beautiful day.
All the bird seem lined up to watch him!

Canada Geese


Cormorants, Canada Geese, Seagulls

And then there was THIS bird!


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I love daycations! And would have loved this one...everything I love to look for: birds, boats, blue water!

Red said...

Thanks for the tour and bird pictures. Nicely done.
Now what has happened to the picture which is black and has a line through it. I had this happen a couple of times and it seemed like somebody was down loading but why did the picture disappear?

Kay said...

Gosh! You've got so many wonderful birds. Beautiful photos!