Saturday, 30 June 2012

Bambi, Shirley and crew

Bambi was in the backyard Thursday,
flicking her ears madly to keep the deerflies away.
I've been having fun decorating for Canada Day. I was standing on the front lawn, trying to tie Bear's tie. Tricky, as its a little too high for me, and my arms were losing circulation.
Now those who are familiar with deer, know that they snort when they are trying to scare you away. Hubby was working on the veggie garden fence, painting. I could hear Bambi snorting. It's more like a loud blowing out of breath through pinched mouths. It got my attention!

Anyway, suddenly, who bounded out of the forest, but our wee fawn, barreling across the lawn, with Momma in hot pursuit. I think I was the one in their path. Rather than standing and enjoying the sight, I ran to get my camera, which was sitting in a bag nearby. I bitterly regret that.
Cherries last year - few this year with the mid-May frost
I should, instead, have simply enjoyed their quick run because they were gone by the time I was ready to 'shoot'. Lesson learned.

With the lack of rain, and our wetland being more of a dryland, water levels in Lanark County are at mid-August lows. This is not good.

We had an early Spring, but then temperatures dropped. My Rhododendron lost its leaves, and my rose bush canes, some as high as 4' tall, all died. It has come back, but I've had to prune it.
I lost most of my cherry blossoms, and have only a handful of fruit on the tree. I'm so sad. Our birds depend upon them. There are reports that bird species are declining in Canada. Habitat loss, food sources, all are contributing factors for the decline in insectivores. I'm happy to have seen the warblers and the vireos on our Murphys Point Bird Count! I captured their songs in my videos, you can listen to the 6:00 a.m. bird songs without rising at that hour! It was a challenge identifying birds in my S. E. locale!

In the meantime, our 6 goldfish are doing well.
Water Boatman

Eat those bugs!!!

We still have 6 goldfish,
innumerable Water Striders, Water Boatmen,
plus 2 Leopard Frogs!
Shirley 2 (with white stripes) leads the pack
 - she is the least afraid of me.
The others seem to chase her!

Water Strider
Water Strider -
surface tension keeps it afloat I've been feeding them, which might be a mistake. There must be more than a dozen water striders, and several water boatmen in the pond.

Do you know the expression, "salad isn't food, it's what food eats?"

The insects are supposed to be the food.

They're eating the Goldfish food!

Camera-Critters #221


eileeninmd said...

Great critter post. I love seeing the deer and your fish are pretty. The leopard frogs are cool, great captures. Hope you have a happy weekend.

TexWisGirl said...

love the water strider!

Pia said...

You have a lot of very nice guests around! I special like the deer.
I think it is very hard for a photographer/blogger to enjoy something nice only throug the eyes and not through the camera lens....


Even seeing the picture, I'm still not sure what a water boatman is. And, I I really want to know? Buggies creep me out most of the time. LOL

I'm a bit CRABBY today

Kay L. Davies said...

We don't have deer in our yard in the summer because they don't need to come here to find food, but Dick and Lindy sometimes see them on their walks.
Bambi is lovely.

Red said...

I know the feeling about pictures and deer. I had five of them around me once and I knew that if I moved they'd be gone. Your description was good enough. The snorting is rather a startling noise.

Karen said...

A terrific series of shots! Love the tiny frog. Happy Canada Day!

Linda said...

It is always an adventure on your place! Love the photo of Bambi!

Kay said...

What fun on your side of the pond. On my side of the pond, we certainly have no lack of birds. Actually, we have too many pigeons.

laurie said...

I just found you today, from Kay's blog , you have such a beautiful blog, amazing photos and your Canada display is great!!!

Mama Zen said...

I love the shot of the leopard frogs!

Powell River Books said...

The water boatman is great. And of course the water striders. We have lots around the cabin. I love to watch them skipping around. - Margy

Christine said...

Happy Canada Day Jenn! Sorry to hear about the lack of rain...lovely photos!

chubskulit said...

Beautiful critters. Late visit from Camera Critters.

Gila Monster and Bees have a blessed Sunday.