Friday, 6 April 2012

Tax Time - Jenny Jilks Wins!

Cannot see anywhere where it says 'Windows Only'.
It's on the side of the boxes in small print. duH!

I thought you'd like this story.

April is Tax TIme. I believe in paying my fair share of taxes. There are too many of my hospice clients I see in pain, financial, emotional, or physical. I know we need public education, municipal services, and universal healthcare.
The Occupy movement, which came to Perth, Ontario, has settled down into weird hand signals, court cases, and those on the margins...
If only the billionaires paid their taxes. That is the Trouble with Billionaires.

It's just that the accountant we used last year charged us $600. I figured we could save this money. I have time. I've been a treasurer for various Boards on which I have sat. Both my husbands have been accountants. 

We went to Staples in January and  bought Turbo Tax ($69.99). Last week I tried to load it. It is ONLY for Windows. I didn't read the fine print. Of course, with my shifty-five  eyes (55 - according to my granddaughter), I couldn't see it!

Toddled back to Carleton Place and they normally don't let you return opened software. They like JB. And refunded us.

Next option, last year's guy charged us $600, because he spent hours inputting previous year's data. What's with this? 
Next options: find a not-busy accountant, (did that last year) or go on-line with Turbo Tax.
Decided to do Turbo Tax online.
Piece of cake.

Finished, tried to upload, couldn't. Needed to phone Canada Revenue Agency (CRA- the 'tax man') to get a new input code #. Nice woman (no accent) asked me some questions.
Got it.
Back to Turbo Tax. Download file, upload file to CRA. CRA wouldn't accept it as there was 
"an error in T3 input, line 176, which needs to be fixed on 5334, Chart A, T936."

Phoned Turbo Tax, talked to some dude with an accent. I think he might have been in India. He followed his script and couldn't figure me out. Thought it was a Mac/Apple thing. 
Our phone lines need replacing, I couldn't hear him well. Another call to Ma Bell.

Finally, I figured out that he didn't have a clue. Hung up, not yet defeated.

Tried uploading JB's return. Success.
Back to CRA. SPoke to another nice, young lady, I explained the issues. Twice through. She said that there is a software glitch, that will be resolved soon. Try it later.

Screw that, thinks I. 

I went back to my on-line file in Turbo Tax. Deleted the T3 that has $0.42 in Capital Gains. (Seriously!) It made a difference in $3. 
Downloaded the file to my computer, again.
Uploaded the file to CRA.

Success. For only $57 on-line at Turbo Tax.
Saved us big bucks. Will file the T3 later, manually. Snail mail.

Jenny Jilks WINS!

End of tale...

I was driving. Stopped in front of our local florist. Said we were buying flowers. Bright spring daisies. 
Feeling better.


Netty said...

I use Turbo Tax too, and find it fairly easy to use, and certainly a lot cheaper than using an accountant!
This year I was lucky enough to get a few dollars back. This certainly helped...with the cost of raising a family these days every penny helps!!

Red said...

Great story! I always do my own income tax but it takes time and effort. My wife wants me to check out accountants to do the tax. I always say no thanks I'll do my own.

Linda said...

I would laugh if it wasn't so blasted frustrating! I nearly lost my mind earlier this year with a software glitch at TurboTax (which I have used every year since they started making it)...glad you finally got it resolved. But it can drive you mad! Glad you got flowers and feel better now! Have a great day!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Bill does ours on TT too! I didn't realize that Canada had the same 4/15 deadline.

Latane Barton said...

Things like taxes fusterate me. I would never know how to put the right figures on the right line. At least my H & R Block guy isn't nearly as expensive as your guy was. Glad you finally got it all done.

Crafty Gardener said...

I had the same problem when I bought Turbo Tax ... notMac friendly. Store wouldn't take it back, so finally loaded it onto an old Windows laptap and did it that way. I contemplated the online version but after hearing your story I'm glad I didn't. Hopefully by next year they will have it all sorted out or make a mac version.