Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Family Day at my house

He's listening, cocks an ear!
Family Day was February 20th in Ontario.

A holiday in several provinces for several reasons: BC (in 2013), Alberta (1990), Manitoba, Saskatchewan,
PEI, Ontario.

In the US it was President's Day. For me, it was a day to rest, sit in the sunshine, and anticipate the snow and rain for Tuesday night!

The frog was chilly, at 6 C. in the shade in the morning. A sunny day, the cats sat with me as the sun warmed us up.
Buster listened to my every word.

Finally he deigned to look at me when I called his name!

By afternoon, Ms. Froggy read 15 in the sunshine!
Felix was showing off.
He knew I had cat treats
as he is a wanderer...

In the backyard,
a mourning dove sits having a nap.


Olga said...

I always enjoy your cat pictures so much.

EG Wow said...

Mmmm. Sounds like a lovely, relaxing day! Buster and Felix are handsome cats.

Linda said...

I love your photos today - as usual. You seem to capture the personality of the cats so well! Enjoy the sunshine!

Sallie ( said...

Your porch is inviting even when froggy is so cold!

Christine said...

Time for thoughts to turn to spring!
Nice photos Jenn.

Kay said...

I wish I could have rested instead of doing the Aloha Run. Family Day sounds like a fabulous idea.

Powell River Books said...

Our cat would dearly love to get out in the sun like that, snow or no snow. - Margy